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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

• It's FREE to Registration for our basic package which allows you to search for products and suppliers and send your inquiry, and receive alerts for latest Product and News all for free of charge.
• Receive free e-mail updates Receive customize updates about products and suppliers newly posted on updates on upcoming trade shows, and the latest supply-industry news, based on the product categories you selected.
• Send inquiries direct to suppliers Inquire about products you're interested in using a convenient inquiry form, send multiple inquiries at the same time, and use your updateable profile so the system can pre-complete inquiry forms with your company and contact information.
• Personalize your Inquiry Basket Your Inquiry Basket remembers the products and suppliers that you have stored, even if you leave the site and come back later.

So why not Register Now and start to benefit from right away!
To register on platform, all you need is a valid e-mail address and password, plus your name, your company name and country.

Once you've registered, you can use your email address and password for all services on platform.
To register on is simple and fast; 1, Click on the Register link at the top of the page. 2, Complete the required fields, then click Continue. Then you can start uploading your products or you can start searching for the product you are looking for.

So why not Register Now and start to benefit from right away!
After registration, you are automatically logged in to and are able to use a much wider range of services. You will also receive a Welcome e-mail from us, with helpful hints on how to use our Product Alert service.

Important: After registering, we recommend that you go to your User Profile page and complete your company information. This will let our system pre-complete an inquiry form with your details before you send it to suppliers or buyers Providing more details will also help suppliers and buyers reply to your requests appropriately.

To do this make sure you are logged into the platform. The User Profile link will only appear in the top navigation bar after a successful login.
Click on the Login link at the top right-hand corner of the page to go to the Login page. Enter your e-mail address and password and click on Login Now button.
Simply click on the "Forgot your password?" link on the Login page, enter your registered e-mail address. Click Submit. will send you an e-mail to your registered e-mail address.

Follow the instructions in the e-mail to change your password. After you've changed it, you'll be able to login to platform again.
If you can't remember your registered e-mail address, please contact us.
Once logged in, click on the User Profile link on the top-right hand corner, Click Change Password option under User Profile, enter your current password and your new password. Re-enter your new password to confirm and click Submit.
Once logged in, click on the User Profile link at the top right-hand corner, on the User Profile screen, type in your new or updated information in the appropriate fields, click Submit to save your changes.
You can search for:
• Products - by name, product category or region/country.
• Suppliers - by name, product category or region/country.
• News - by product or supplier
General Search Tips:
Try different keywords. E.g. when searching for "shoes", search also for "boots" and "sandals".
Avoid vague words with multiple meanings. E.g. "stand".
Be specific. E.g. search for "leather boots", "sports shoes" or "women's shoes" rather than "shoes".
Use words that may be in the description of an item you are looking for. E.g. "black shoes".
Check your spelling.
Click Regional Channels under source by region section on the page footer as shown below.
This is because our database is unable to find any results for your keyword. Please try the following:
Check the spelling of your keywords and search again.
If you have searched for a model number or parts, it may be too specific. Please try a broader keyword.
If you have searched for a brand name, it may be too specific or is not available in our database. Please try a broader keyword or a product type search.
Your search may have been limited to a certain industry category.
You may have selected to search "within these results" after a previous search. Please deselect this option and search again.
The keyword you are looking for may not be available in our database. Please try a different related keyword.
On the search results page, you can sort your search results by Relevancy, Supplier Rank, Date Product Posted or New Supplier.
Click Compare Product or Compare Supplier to select the products and suppliers you are interested to compare. 

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