8254 Programmable Timer

8254 Programmable Timer is used for timing control applications in microcomputer systems. The design is capable of generating accurate time delays under software control.



  • Configurable for ease of use
  • Core designed to use with microcomputer systems


  • Compatible to 8254 and uPD71054
  • Timers can be configured to operate in one of the six operating modes supported.


  • Three independently operated 19-bit counters
  • Binary/BCD count operation
  • Multiple Latch command for easy monitoring
  • Counter Latch command
  • Six count modes available for each counter

    • Interrupt at the End of the Count
    • GATE Retriggerable One-Shot
    • Rate Generator
    • Square Wave Generator
    • Software-Triggered Strobe
    • Re-triggerable Hardware-Triggered Strobe

Target Applications:

  • Real time clock
  • Event counter
  • Programmable rate generator
  • Square ware generator
  • Complex waveform generator
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